Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Installations

Original Scores for Movies

The Ultimate Mission (2011)
Trailer score featuring large-scale military action

Dawn at the Station (2004)
Ambient score for an art film about subway stations

Mountain Memories (1998)
Fall scene in the beautiful mountains

Red Planet Blues (2005)
Claymation featuring Mori, the Martian

Europe Express (1999)
Comical scene from the action/adventure feature

Additional Music for Movies

Far Away (2005)
A dreamy scene; memories of a home far away

Fast and Furious (2009)
Car chase cue - Heist in the Dominican Republic

They Play, We Hide (2007)
Mysterious score for a dark yet wonderful scene

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008)
Zohan and Phantom Team Up - Final fight scene

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)
Comical fight in the Mall's Victoria Secret store

Original Scores for Television

NCIS - Code Blue (CBS, 2010)
Forensic Lab theme for the gothic-style "Abby"

Getting Out of the City (Travel Channel, 2005)
Travel show series

When I was 17 - Cricket (MTV, 2011)
Reality show series

Parks and Recreation (NBC, 2009)
Four versions of the quirky opening title

Dragon Ball Z (Cartoon Network, 2000-2004)
Character theme: Gohan Powers Up

Music for Advertising (Television)

4th Dimension Elegance (2005-)
Used in various tv spots (Spas, State Park vacation destinations and PSAs)

Macroworld (2007-)
Originally produced for GM's Hummer ad

The Venue (2009)
Living and Recreational District - TV spot

Hallmark 100th (2010)

EECU (2009)

Music for Games, Radio & Online

Little Big Planet Karting (2012)
For Sony / PlayStation
Game menu music (demo piece)

Silver (2005-)
Published on the CDUnderscore® music
production library, licensed nationwide

Walk (2009)
Client: EECU

Creative Construction (2004)
Client: The Home Depot
Promoting construction tools and materials

The Creative Shop (2010)
Client: Hymn to Progression
Europe / online

Hymn to the Fukushima 50 (2011)
A Tribute to the Heroes (YouTube "featured video")

Music for Corporate Communications

American Heart Association (2001)
75th Anniversary logo and "ER Scene" (DVD release)

Mary Kay Cosmetics (2004)
Sound design for animation (national seminar)

Nokia - Connecting Images (1998)
International promotional campaign. Featuring Grammy® Award winner Martha Sebestyen

American Airlines (2003)

EDS University (2001)

Original Music for Events

Show of the Century - Overture (2006)
For the World Aerobatic Championship (Japan)

Budapest International Film Festival (1999)
Festival opening - Hollywood adventure score

Red Bull AirRace (2006)
Adrenalin-loaded sporting event by RedBull

Other Commissioned Work

Forgotten Future (2012)
Ambient-electronic music project

Infection (2006)
Score for Germ, the audiobook (Westbow Press)

The Artist Theater, Budapest (2000)
Musical identity for the premier art film theater

Audiovisual Installations

DeepSea Cave (2000)
Surround sound environment for an Oceanarium

Light vs. Shape (2008)
Sound installation for an Art Museum exhibition

Jungle Installation
Soundscape for Natural History Museum exhibit

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