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Concept Albums, Influences and the Reinterpretation of Feelings – Pt.1

March 14th 2016  || by  || Add Reply

I like some creators’ concepts a lot, but ironically, I’m not passionate about their music. And those artists’ music that I find exciting for stylistic or other reasons, often have a concept behind them that I can’t associate myself with – or have no concept at all.

How important is to have a concept behind an album? How do art forms influence each other? What is the relationship between music, art, concept, emotion, feel, trends, production, idea, originality, remixing and interpretation? Read more…

New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

December 31st 2013  || by  || Add Reply

Do we really need GigaByte-sized operating systems and TeraBytes of samples to create amazing sounds and music? Taking this a step farther in light of the Apollo example: does the world need faster and faster technology to make history? Do we need to run fast to get farther and see less, or rather slow down and enjoy the journey?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why I am not planning to upgrade to new software, nor buy new hardware, nor use my smart phone as much. Read more…

Three Less Obvious Enemies of Originality

July 28th 2013  || by  || 1 Comment

Brian Eno once said: “It’s not more options that you want, it’s more useful options”. I think this is more true today than ever, and I might add: those few useful options will often come from the least obvious places. So you want to be different, express your individuality, your personal message, come up with original content? Think about how you could make your process simpler. Sometimes, even a computer virus can be a good thing.

Having too many options, lacking physical connections, and templates can make it hard to stay productive creatively – even if they might sound like efficient routines. They can become the enemies of creativity and originality. Read more…

Technical Illusion vs. Originality

March 29th 2013  || by  || 2 Comments

Music technology served us well until is was enabling artists to generate new ideas. By now it has become a quick & cheap way to copy them. Do you think that the latest xyz plug-in that takes your sound closer to a popular track will open up your world of creativity and get your music launched into some brand new musical landscape and help you to get your name written into the music history books? Do you feel like updating the technology and adding more features is the way to improve the quality of your work? Or maybe, are you waiting for AI to help you get to the next step?

Don’t hold your breath… actually, you might be better off doing the exact opposite. Read more…

Analog vs. Digital Synthesizers – My Take on the Old Debate

November 8th 2012  || by  || 20 Comments

Analog, digital, virtual analog, software synths… which one is the best option? Which sounds the best? This is one of the most frequent question I get from my listeners, students and even friends from the music industry.

Lot of people (still) talk about the warmth of analog, the precisions of digital, the superiority of hardware over plugins. At the same time, few are talking about the user experience, as opposed to the “perfect synth”. Or the impact of a different interface can have on the music itself. So let’s examine some differences, starting with the most fundamental to some more recent concepts. Read more…