forgotten future: Breakthrough [Chroma Mix] on Colours II.

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forgotten future: Breakthrough [Chroma Mix]

Colours II. featuring Breakthrough [Chroma Mix] on AstroPilot Music

Breakthrough has been one of the highest regarded track from the forgotten future: W1 album, and now Breakthrough [Chroma Mix] takes the lonely, deep cosmic voyage even further.

Exclusively produced for the Colours II. downtempo / psybient / psytrance compilation, this new forgotten future track builds on the original, but adds new sonic elements and an extended journey of almost 7 minutes. Offering 11 tracks from various artists, Colours II. is the latest in the successful compilation series, with tracks selected by AstroPilot.

Colours II. is out on December 31st, 2016. You can also preview and download Breakthrough [Chroma Mix] directly from AstroPilot Music.

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