Live in California – New Album Released

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forgotten future: LIVE IN CALIFORNIA features the recording of live performances from the 2016 San Jose and 2017 Los Angeles shows. Each track is a new arrangement or remix of the original track found on the first two forgotten future albums, with a harder, driving feel. In addition, LIVE IN CALIFORNIA includes a bonus track, Breakthrough [Chroma Mix].

This live album is the sonic documentation of the first phase of the W1–Realignment performances, Released on, December 15, 1965, the anniversary of the first space rendez-vous (between Gemini VI and VII). Filled with real-time-performed 303 acid lines, epic leads and lush pad textures, forgotten future’s cutting-edge and spacey psybient / ambient organic electronic music was enjoyed as a high-energy soundtrack at various electronic music festivals – and now can be enjoyed in a download form!

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