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|| current location
Silicon Valley, California, USA
|| profile

Specializing in electronic music composition, production and musical sound design, the creation and discovery of the uncharted territories of sounds, sonic textures and melodies, this state-of-the-art facility functions as the private studio of composer Julius Dobos / forgotten future.

|| equipment list
| hardware synthesizers | software – sound generation | software – audio & midi processing
  Access Virus Ti   Alchemy   Avid ProTools
  Clavia Nord Rack 3   Arturia Analog Factory   Audio Damage EOS & Ricochet
  Crumar Spirit   GForce VSM & M-Tron Pro   Audio Palette
  Cyclone TT-303   Hartmann Neuron VS   Bias Peak
  DSI Evolver   iZotope Iris 2   Blue Cat Audio plug-ins
  Emu XL-1 Turbo   LinPlug Element P   Camel Audio plug-ins
  Ensoniq Fizmo   Moog Filtatron   iZotope plug-ins
  Korg MS-2000BR   NI Absynth   Jummer Galaxy One
  Moog Voyager limited edition   NI Kontakt   MegaCurtis
  Novation DrumStation   reFX quadraSID & Vanguard   MOTU Digital Performer
  Novation Supernova II Pro-X   Sonic Charge MicroTonic   Plugin Alliance SPL & Elysia transient shapers
  Novation X-Station   Sonic Charge Synplant   Soundtoys PhaseMistress
  Oberheim Matrix-6R (x2)   The Mangle   Sugar Bytes Effectrix
  Oberheim Matrix-1000   Vienna Symphonic & EWQL libraries   Unfiltered Audio G8 & Sandman
  Reflex MeeBlip   Virsyn iSynth   Valhalla DSP plug-ins
  Roland JD-990   Waldorf Attack & PPG   Virsyn Matrix
  Roland JV-90   Waldorf D-pole
  Roland JV-1080  | signal processing (outboard)
  Sequential Circuits Pro One   Alesis AI-3 | computing / recording
  Waldorf MicroQ   Alesis AirFX   Apple computers (3), HP PC (1)
  Yamaha CS-60   ART-Pro VLA II. tube compressor   iPad and iPhone
  Yamaha PSR-2   Avid interfaces   Muse Receptor 2 Pro Max
  EHX SmallStone Phasers (v1, v2)   Sony PCM-M10 w/ various mics
 | midi control   Ensoniq D/P4+
  iMoov wifi controller   Lexicon MPX-1 | monitoring
  Kenton Pro-2 MIDI-to-CV   Peavey Kosmos K2   Alesis 8 Mix
  MOTU Timepiece AV (x3)   ProCo RAT2 Distortion   Auratone #3-series
  Novation SLmk2   Retro Sonic Stereo Chorus   Dynaudio BM-5A mains + sub
  Sonuus G2M   TC Electronic Finalizer 96k   Symmetrix 420
  Volt Crafty Obimagix 6000   TC Electronic Fireworx   Yamaha 12/4
|| Press / Media
   For interviews and to request a studio tour, please contact:
   Ms. Sylvia Nory
   The Creative Shop
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