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forgotten future at Subzero Festival

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Electronic music at the 9th SubZERO Festival, San Jose, California, June 2016

Electronic music at the 9th SubZERO Festival, San Jose, California, June 2016

Forgotten future will be performing at the 9th SubZERO Festival in San Jose, California, on Friday, June 3rd.

The 9:50pm set will include tracks both from the forgotten future: W1 and Realignment albums. Presented by Distortion Productions, the festival will feature various artists from the ambient, electro, tech house, experimental modular and other electronic music scenes. For the list of other performers and more info, visit Distortion Productions‘ website.



forgotten future: realignment released

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forgotten future: realignment EP

forgotten future: realignment [EP] – OUT NOW

We are happy to announce the release of forgotten future’s brand new EP, forgotten future: realignment.

Few fans have realized that the edge of forgotten future: W1 disc lists four additional tracks not actually included on the album – look close and you will find these four extra track titles. The new EP features these four original tracks, as well as remixes of three ff:W1 tracks by forgotten future and electronic music artist/DJs Cubricon and BrokenSine are featured on the EP.

Realignment is an auxiliary EP to the W1-W4 series. While this release isn’t yet the eagerly anticipated second album of the “W” series, it is an official part of the forgotten future multiverse. The 7-track album takes its place between the W1 and W2 albums of the concept series, completing the journey of W1 with the cutting-edge and spacey psybient / ambient organic electronic music that fans have come to expect from forgotten future.

The album is downloadable in digital formats, including a standard and a 24-bit 48Khz Studio Master edition. As a first for Creative Shop Music, the release is priced using the Pay-what-you-want model, allowing fans to download the album for the price of their choosing (which can even be free). The release date was chosen to commemorate two historical events: Gagarin’s “first human space flight” and NASA’s first space shuttle mission – both celebrating their anniversaries on April 12th.

[Press release]

Recent forgotten future interviews

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Check out some of the recent articles and interviews with forgotten future:

John Diliberto of Echoes interviews forgotten future

John Diliberto of Echoes interviews forgotten future

Julius Dobos remembers the Future
(Feb. 2016 US-wide, on your local NPR station or Echoes affiliate)

The story of Julius’ journey from ’70s electronic music through film work to forgotten future. Hear about the ideas behind the concept in this interview with the leading US electronic music program.

“You might feel like you need a doctorate in philosophy and physics to understand Dobos’ forgotten future. Many of the concepts find him questioning culture, religion and science, including Darwinism.” – John Diliberto

Plugin Alliance interviews forgotten future / Julius Dobos

Plugin Alliance interviews forgotten future

In the Studio with Julius Dobos / forgotten future, Part 1
(March 2016, pluginalliance.com)

Join Julius in Studio CS as he is explaining his production workflow in the musical oven of forgotten future.

This interview includes a link to a special pre-release download of the track  Another Present from the upcoming album forgotten future: Realignment!


High Existence Magazine - forgotten future article

High Existence Magazine – forgotten future article

Forgotten future – Multiversal Belief System through Music
(Jan. 2016, in HighExistence Magazine)

Read about the philosophical and spiritual story that resulted in the birth of forgotten future

“My views don’t contradict these [various] religions: they rather focus on the larger picture than on the well-known stories and characters. I don’t really disagree with science either, I simply expand on (okay, also break) its rules in the name of progression – and in knowing that we actually know very, very little. In my idea of a Multiverse, Nature does have a central role, but it isn’t exclusively governed by the tiny percentage of laws that we have so far established based on documented experiences (i.e. science). But again, all of this doesn’t matter: the goal of forgotten future is to put its listeners in a sonic environment full of emotional details, which trigger personal memories and inspire the listeners to “wake up” and find their own answers to these questions.” – Julius Dobos