New Concept Work Announced for 2012 and The Lost Tracks Published

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New Concept Work Announced – Planned Release Date in 2012

Creative Shop Music has announced a planned 2012 release of a brand new concept work by composer Julius Dobos. The  large-scale work in ambient / electronic style will encompass multiple album releases.

The composition and sound design process started in 2009 and has been the main focus of Dobos since. The work is expected to be a reflection of Dobos’ philosophy about the relationship of Nature, Life, the Universe and music, touching on such intriguing subjects as the existence and relativity of space and time – expressed in music and sound.

The first release in the series, while electronic in nature, will build on an organic feel and warm textures. The ambient yet rhythmic music will feature lush soundscapes, complex, out-of-this-world sounds, haunting melodies, powerful emotions, grandiose instrumentation and seven unique sonic landscapes. No further details or samples have been released, and the title of the work has not yet been announced.

The Lost Tracks – Previously Unavailable Music on YouTube

Before the release of the new concept album, Creative Shop Music will offer three, previously not published, diverse pieces of music by Julius Dobos. The tracks were produced by the composer between 2008 and 2011, and are not related to the upcoming new concept work.

The three short, independent tracks showcase the composer’s past work in various styles of instrumental music; while The Ultimate Mission was originally written for a movie trailer and features large orchestral instrumentation, Walk is a retro-electronic piece, mixing the sound of the 80’s and today, which, although never before published as a music release, has been featured in- radio and television commercials and acknowledged by prestigious awards of the U.S. advertising community. The third “lost track”, titled Total Eclipse, is an eletro-orchestral work, inspired by the 1999 Total Eclipse over Europe. Dobos re-arranged his original piece (first featured on the compilation album “Applied Moods” ), creating a brand new version – another previously unpublished title.

Be sure to go to Julius Dobos’ YouTube channel to listen to these three Lost (and now found) gems of orchestral, electronic and electro-orchestral music.

Find the original Press releases here and here.

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