forgotten future: realignment
new EP announced!

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forgotten future: realignment EP

forgotten future: realignment [EP] – release coming in late March, 2016

While fans are discovering more and more of the many hidden details on their forgotten future: W1 physical album copies and in their digital booklets, only a few have realized that the edge of the disc lists more than just the 15 tracks found on the W1 album – look close and you will find four additional titles named!

Unreleased or hidden tracks? Not anymore.

We are planning the Spring, 2016 release of a brand new EP titled forgotten future: realignment, featuring these four original tracks, which were previously listed, but intentionally omitted from the album. In addition, remixes of three original ff:W1 tracks by electronic music artist-DJs forgotten future, Cubricon and BrokenSine will be featured on the EP.

The 7-track realignment will take its place between the W1 and W2 albums of the concept series, completing the journey of W1 with the cutting-edge and spacey psybient / ambient organic electronic music that fans have come to expect from forgotten future. While the EP is nearing completion, the full-length W2 is currently in the pre-production phase.

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  1. George

    Hello, after this article I looked at my W1 CD and “discovered” the “missing” titles! It’s kinda cool that I now know the titles even brfore the music is released. Is this EP gonna be part of the W1-W4 series or is it separate?
    Huge fan!:) Thanks.

  2. Julius Dobos

    Hi George – thanks much for your support! I’d say that the Realignment EP is an “accessory” to W1, think of it as W1.5:) I’m glad you like the hidden titles idea.



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