Julius Dobos and Creative Shop Music to relocate to the Silicon Valley

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Creative Shop Music has announced that composer Julius Dobos has accepted the invitation from Silicon Valley’s Cogswell College, one of the world’s leading regionally-accredited institutions that fuses digital arts, engineering and entrepreneurship in its unique curriculum, to join its Digital Audio Technology department as a Distinguished Lecturer. Besides instructing music production, audio production and sound synthesis, Julius will advise on student-based projects and initiatives.

“Cogswell is educating some of the brightest minds in the field of audio technology and music production.” said the composer. “I am looking forward to helping Cogswell maintain its reputation for excellence as it continues to grow as an institution.”

Julius and The Creative Shop have been receiving requests from composers and producers of instrumental music around the globe for years, asking for seminars, webinars, private lessons and evaluation of their compositions and music productions. Although our schedule and the required logistics didn’t make it possible to fulfill such requests in the past years, now we are happy to encourage future composers, producers and current professionals alike, to join Cogswell College for a chance to participate in its award-winning projects and for the opportunity to study directly with Julius Dobos.

“I have always found sharing honest musical values and timeless ideas about originality important, but working in the ‘industry’ for the past couple of decades moved this desire far away from reality. Having been less involved with commissioned projects and focusing more on my true musical values in the past year or so, (also, turning on the mainstream radio a few times for some rather unpleasant experience) have helped me to realize the importance of passing on some of these non-standard approaches to music creation to the composers, music producers and artists of tomorrow. I’m looking forward to be working with them, and influencing the future of music this indirect way, while also being able to focus on the composition and production of my new electronic music concept albums. I think the two activities will be mutually beneficial in so many ways.”

In light of this event, The Creative Shop (including Creative Shop Music, Creative Shop Music Publishing and Creative Shop Mastering) is also relocating its operations to the Silicon Valley. No interruption in the production of current projects for any of our clients is expected, and our contact information remains the same with the exception of the physical- and mailing address.

Read the original article on Cogswell College’s website, here.

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