Fukushima 50 Hymn – a Tribute

March 19th 2011  || by  || 4 Comments

The Fukushima 50 – the men and women who made a heroic sacrifice for the safety of their people, their country and beyond, potentially giving their own life.  Working in the midst of the developing 2011 Japan nuclear crisis and radiation at the Dai-ichi plant reactors, following the destruction of the 9.0 magnitude Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, they are true heroes who most of us can only look up to.

Julius, having a personal connection with nuclear catastrophe victims as his grandmother had lost her life due to the effects of the Chernobyl disaster, eager to raise awareness about the great yet unknown workers at the Fukushima plant, composed a Hymn dedicated to them and to the survivors of the crisis; a musical tribute to their bravery, solemn attitude and dedication.

An emotional and powerful orchestral-electronic piece for those who have showed the word what being a patriot truly means, the Fukushima 50 Hymn expresses their heroism, the pain of Japan and celebrates the spirit of its people.

Julius and Creative Shop Music encourages you to watch the Fukushima 50 Hymn video on YouTube, and to donate to the victims of the crisis in Japan through the trusted organization of your choice.

We are also offering the mp3 of the Fukushima 50 Hymn score free of charge for everyone who has contributed with a donation through any charity organization, or liked the tribute video on YouTube. Just send us an email with the name of the organization you donated to, or your YouTube username to receive your copy. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider it.

Read Julius’ thoughts about the Fukushima heroes and the Hymn here.


  1. Nancy Rogers

    I sent money through the Red Cross, specifying Tsunami Relief. I have Aunts, Uncles, Cousins living in Japan. It hurts to be so far away. I pray.

  2. Christoph Hazy

    This is a very thoughtful and musically deep way of raising awareness and showing respect for the Fukushima Fifty. The music has so much to say on so many levels, and works great with the video at the same time. I made a donation last week and I’ve been sharing your Hymn and the video with everyone I know. Thank you for using your talent to express in music what many of us feel. You have certainly made me a fan. Thank you.

  3. Julia SIkos Malone

    I found your “music video” hymn on YouTube and was so struck by it that I forwarded it to my friends and family in Japan, U.S, and Hungary. I experienced the 3/11 earthquake on the 68th floor of the Landmark Tower Yokohama, the tallest building in Japan. Your video hymn was the first thing to make me cry since that day. I have received Email responses from Japan expressing surprise as some of the video was new to them at the time, and of course some kind of happiness and gratitude that foreigners would be so concerned about them. Most of the ordinary Japanese have no idea of the scope of sympathy and of donations being made outside Japan by ordinary citizens. I would love to have the hymn, but was unable to access the “submit” button. I have donated to Global Giving and the American Red Cross for Japan disaster relief. Again, thank you for your music.

  4. Otha Hoschander

    Aloha man! I really appreciate what you’re writing here. Keep posting that way.


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